Artist Statement

My primary education in the arts is in design with extensive education and experienced in photography. I use all my skills to fulfill my passion for photography. I will never stop learning and growing, as I constantly research and continue to develop my photographic skills as a freelance photographer. I enjoy form, color and composition.

As an artist and as a person, I cannot limited myself to parameters or any guidelines that will constrain myself in exploring new ideas. I go the way I feel like, and if I do not like my creation, I may delete it or save it for another day.

I take pleasure in composing my work from many images to produce a collage, a merge or a new architecture design. I particularly enjoy landscape and architecture photography. I try to keep a balance between the computer and the outdoors.

I'm always evolving as an artist; I travel toward my inspiration at the time, and allow myself to work in new techniques to produce new work. I believe that learning is never limited, and as long as I live, I will continue to grow as an artist.

Some of my most admired contemporary artists working on photography are Andreas Gursky, Nico Fredia, and Lois Greenfield.